Wedding Decor Hire

Table decor was an art form in ancient Greece, but it became a Western focus in the 1700s, and it’s never gone away since. Today we focus on table wedding decor hire for special events: weddings, christenings, anniversaries and big parties, but its central nature hasn’t changed – table decor is a form of self expression and a compliment to your friends and loved ones; it shows you care and want them to enjoy every aspect of your celebration.

That’s why The Luxe Collection has curated a range of special items to make your table look superb, from bud vases to frames, from sweet jars to baskets for bread, fruit or wedding favours, we’ve considered everything you need to perfect your chosen table decor.

And we know it can be a little overwhelming to visualise your perfect wedding breakfast or evening reception in your mind, which is why the Luxe Collection team is always on hand to help you select stunning table decor items to enhance your table and delight your guests.

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