Charger Plates Hire

Charger plates, also called service plates and under-plates, came back into popularity in the Victorian era, but they originate in the 13th century when they were designed to be big enough to serve large roasted meats at royal feasts.

They’re both practical and decorative – they help prevent spills and stains, and maintain the heat of the plates placed on them, but they also make a beautiful ‘frame’ for the dinnerware they support.

Today we use charger plates for their aesthetics: to complement or contrast with your chosen crockery, and also to define the mood of your special event. Seeking drama? A gold charger plate will add flair and brilliance to your table setting. Want elegance? White porcelain charger plates create a distinguished effect that enhances any occasion. Pink charger plates up the romantic effect for weddings, while clear charger plates are a minimalist approach that combines subtlety with sophistication. Whatever your chosen mood, The Luxe Collection will have something that gives your special event the perfect edge that makes your table into a celebration in its own right.

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