Crazy in Love – Neon Sign

£120.00 (incl. VAT)

Chic enough as a stand alone piece and versatile enough to work for any nuptial style, express your personality with our ‘Crazy in Love’ neon sign.

This sign is always a talking point and will provide the perfect backdrop for your top table, ceremony, signing table, band or DJ.


114cm x 66cm

Three day hire:

£100 + delivery & collection

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From a ceremony backdrop and welcome signage to bar decor, our 'Crazy in Love' sign is guaranteed to get the party started and make your party pop.

Its styling choices are endless: drape a floral garland to dial up the romance; place among a variety of candleholders to create a contemporary focal point; or contrast with draped boho textiles for a rustic theme.

Whatever you choose, you'll know just the right song to kick-start the evening do...

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