Blue Rose Dinnerware Collection

£1.20£2.40 (incl. VAT)

Few things are more romantic, or more classic, than the pretty patterns of chintz-ware. The name comes from the Hindu, chintnaa, which means ‘to sprinkle’ and originally referred to a cotton fabric strewn with floral patterns, imported from India in in the late 1700s. Today we use it to refer to the dainty floral designs that give an elegant, feminine impression to any table. Perfect for afternoon tea and any event where stylish decor will enhance the occasion.

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Details & Sizes:
Charger/Dinner Plate – 30cm £2.00 + 20% Wash fee + VAT
Starter/Dinner Plate - 26cm £1.20 + 20% Wash fee + VAT
Dessert Plate - 20.5cm £1.10 + 20% Wash fee + VAT
Side/Bread Plate - 15.6cm £1.00 + 20% Wash fee + VAT

Charger/Dinner Plate £2.00
Starter/Dinner Plate £1.20
Dessert Plate £1.10
Side/Bread Plate £1.00

20% Wash Fee Applies

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Blue Rose Dinnerware Collection

Charger/Dinner Plate, Starter/Dinner Plate, Dessert Plate, Side/Bread Plate