Acrylic Easel

£48.00 (incl. VAT)

Our versatile clear acrylic is the perfect choice for displaying perspex signs as it won’t show colour through translucent materials – unlike wooden or coloured easels.

With its minimalist feel, it’s perfectly suited for contemporary or romantic themes and coordinates beautifully with items in our clear glass range.


155cm tall

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Whether your reception is in a barn, marquee, orangery or tipi, you can add a modern twist to your day with touches of acrylic in your styling.

The beauty of our acrylic easel that it can be as elegant, whimsical, or urban-chic as you’d like just with a few styling choices.

Experiment with the material of your sign and for romantic themes, style with foliage, flowers or ribbons.

Alternatively, for a minimalist themes, arrange with our Nkuku Sia Lanterns for a monochrome contrast.

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